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Multipak Atom 4 Linear Weigher


4 lane linear weigher with 3ltr hoppers. Ideal for dry products including granulars and some poweders.

We have a brand new Multipak Atom 4 linear weighing machine on stock and available now.


Available with a stainless steel frame and foot pedal for manual bag filling, this linear weigher has 4 individual lanes making the machine fast whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy.


This linear weighing machine will run at up to 40 weighs per minute with target weights from 5g - 2kg per lane.


The simplicity, yet robustness of the software in this machine makes it extremely easy to setup and learn whilst offering many advanced features to fully optimise and hone your product for speed and accuracy.


This machine can also be used to mix up to 4 products at once into a single output with minor modifications to the main hopper.


Fully stainless steel construction with lift off working parts make this machine easily and quickly cleaned down ready for the next product.

Additional Information

  • Location: North East UK
  • Manufacturer: Multipak
  • Model: Atom 4
  • Manufacture Date: 2015
  • Condition: New
  • Usage: None
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Storage: In Workshop
  • Viewable: Yes
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Suitability: Suitable for a huge range of dry products with granular to large piece size. Also suitable for some powders.
  • Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Power Requirement: 220VAC
  • Air Requirement: None
  • Max Speed: 40
  • Food Safe: Yes
  • Max Target Weight: 2Kg
  • Min Target Weight: 5g
  • Heads: 4

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Multipak Atom 4 Linear Weigher
Video of Multipak Atom 4 Linear Weigher

Multipak Atom 4 Linear Weigher

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Machine: Multipak Atom 4 Linear Weigher